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The Presidency (EU)

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Presidency visual identity wins European prize!

“Our proposed logo resembled a sailboat in full sail, formed from the initials of the European Union suggesting that EU citizens are sailing together towards a common future.”

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DPM and FM Venizelos’ statement on the deadly attack on the Brussels Jewish Museum

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos made the following statement regarding the deadly attack on the Jewish Museum in Brussels:

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What do Europeans think about the EU ?

European citizens feel that the EU is overcoming the crisis and that their voice counts in the EU, while one in two is positive about the future of the Union.
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Stay connected on election night and get real-time European elections results

Watch live the European elections results and follow online every step of the election night on the European Parliament’s website, on Sunday, 25 May 2014. In a live interactive event, the results, collected from all member states will be presented in open data format. The first estimations at the European level will be published from about 22:00 CEST.
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European elections 2014: Know your basics

Who has the right to vote in European elections? Who has the right to stand for these elections and at what age? Is the vote compulsory in all EU member states and what is the electoral law in every member state? How about postal voting?
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Myths, wine and gods: strolling through the Greek wine roads

Ancient Greeks considered that wine was a gift from the gods and worshiped Dionysus, the son of Zeus and Semeli, as god of wine. It is believed that wine (oinos) was introduced in Greece around 4000 BC and has been cultivated ever since. As is the case with all the nations situated in the Mediterranean basin, the moderate climate in combination with the fertile land offered the country the ideal conditions for viticulture.

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‘From A(alpha) to Ω(omega)’: Photographic versions of the Greek alphabet

What’s in a name?

Democracy, Tragedy, Olympus … powerful concepts and unforgettable images, all spurred by simple words made out of letters. The Greek alphabet has a set of 24 letters with each letter providing for words which eventually helped to produce ideas, set trends, shape thoughts and perceptions.

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EU time machine: how European politics have changed our daily lives over the last 35 years

Find out how life has changed since 1979 with the help of the EU time machine, an application that the European Parliament has prepared to demonstrate what has changed in our everyday life since then. 
The app demonstrates how Europe has evolved by comparing the situation today with that of 1979, when the first European elections took place.
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A Quiz to Celebrate Europe Day!

Just 10 days before the elections for the European Parliament, the Greek Presidency is celebrating Europe Day (9 May) with a quiz! Take a few minutes to answer the questions and find out: Are you are a true Euro-connoisseur or rather a … beginner in EU affairs?