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  • EUThe Presidency (EU)

Myths, wine and gods: strolling through the Greek wine roads

Ancient Greeks considered that wine was a gift from the gods and worshiped Dionysus, the son of Zeus and Semeli, as god of wine. It is believed that wine (oinos) was introduced in Greece around 4000 BC and has been cultivated ever since. As is the case with all the nations situated in the Mediterranean basin, the moderate climate in combination with the fertile land offered the country the ideal conditions for viticulture.

  • EUThe Presidency (EU)

‘From A(alpha) to Ω(omega)’: Photographic versions of the Greek alphabet

What’s in a name?

Democracy, Tragedy, Olympus … powerful concepts and unforgettable images, all spurred by simple words made out of letters. The Greek alphabet has a set of 24 letters with each letter providing for words which eventually helped to produce ideas, set trends, shape thoughts and perceptions.

  • ENVIEnvironment (ENVI)

Think - Rethink GREEN

The EU has some of the world's highest environmental standards, but its environment policy had not always been a matter of high political importance. The developments on climate change and the challenges on energy issues, especially during the last decade, require access to and sustainable use of resources without causing environmental problems. The EU’s environmental policy has thus emerged as a vital area of EU governance.

  • EUThe Presidency (EU)

A Quiz to Celebrate Europe Day!

Just 10 days before the elections for the European Parliament, the Greek Presidency is celebrating Europe Day (9 May) with a quiz! Take a few minutes to answer the questions and find out: Are you are a true Euro-connoisseur or rather a … beginner in EU affairs?

  • TTETransport, Telecommunications and Energy (TTE)

Mapping a EU road safety strategy

Although road transport is a lot safer compared to the past, it is still considerably more dangerous than other means of travel. This underlines the fact that future initiatives need to be undertaken at EU level in order to prevent road accidents and minimize road traffic deaths and injuries. To this end, Member States need to build the political commitment necessary for adopting an EU road safety strategy.

  • COMPETCompetitiveness (COMPET)
  • EPSCOEmployment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO)

Bridging the gap in e-skills: Back to work people!

On May 6, the Greek presidency, together with the Federation of Hellenic ICT Enterprises will hold, on 6 May, its grand event: E-skills for jobs 2014 - Mobilising to support job creation and upskilling of the workforce.
  • EUThe Presidency (EU)

Greek Culture Continues its Journey across Europe!

Greece’s fifth Presidency is bringing Greek art, music, literature, cinema, and gastronomy across the world. Many events are already underway in several European cities and will soon wrap up, still others will open in the coming weeks. Below is an updated list of events.
  • EYCSEducation, Youth, Culture & Sport (EYCS)

Cultural and Creative Industries: a comparative advantage for Europe and Greece

The so-called cultural and creative industries make one of the most dynamic sectors in Europe in the last few years. This sector has indeed proved to be particularly resilient to the current debt crisis and the recession, since after 2010 it has registered an annual growth rate of 10% and is expected to enjoy similar high levels of growth in the coming years.

  • EPSCOEmployment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (EPSCO)

e-Health: Better resource allocation for better healthcare across Europe

Across Europe, public health systems are facing shrinking budgets and increased demand. Health and social care systems are strained by demographic change, an ageing population, increasing incidence of chronic diseases and financial pressures.  With health being one of the highest resource-consuming sectors of the economy, EU member states are under pressure to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their healthcare systems and processes.

  • EUThe Presidency (EU)

"European Elections since 1979": a new temporary exhibition at the Parlamentarium

How does your vote affect Europe? Find out how Europeans throughout history have used their vote to shape governance at "European Elections since 1979", a new temporary exhibition hosted by the Parlamentarium