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  • AGRIAgriculture & Fisheries (AGRI)

Informal Meeting of Ministers for Agriculture and Fisheries (AGRI)
Monday, 05 May 2014 to Tuesday, 06 May 2014

Zappeion Megaron, Athens

The main point on the agenda is: “transforming the European agricultural diversity into strength”. The presidency intends to highlight the contribution of the European diversity to growth as a significant comparative advantage in relation to the EU competitors such as the USA and China. The presidency ultimate goal is the mobilisation for immediate policy actions on this issue at EU level. 

This is a joint meeting with the Special Committee of Agriculture.

The joint meeting will be held in Zappeion Megaron on the 6th of May. The day before, ministers, other delegates and invited participants will pay field trips in the surrounding area of Athens.

Regarding accreditation: Badges will be available from the Accreditation Office at the Zappeion Press Centre in Athens on Monday, 5 May (10:00-20:00).