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Cultural Programme

Cultural programme

Culture inspires and motivates creative forces in society, building bridges of communication. The Greek Presidency of the Council of the EU, with the collaboration and support of the Ministry of Culture and Sports, has put together a cultural programme defined by simplicity, moderation, and inclusiveness, qualities on which the Presidency itself rests.

To highlight the diverse and distinct cultural identity of the country, a four-volume cultural guide has been issued specifically for the Greek Presidency, which includes a comprehensive account of the ancient, Byzantine and modern heritage of Athens and the wider Attica region, as well as a list of all cultural events taking place during the Presidency.

Moreover, a series of cultural activities, directly linked to the Greek Presidency, add a special touch on the rich cultural canvas of the country:

  1. “Nautilus: Navigating Greece” exhibition in Brussels

    The exhibition is dedicated to the sea and Greece’s relationship with it through the ages. This is the main event of the Presidency taking place in Brussels, at the  Musée des Beaux Arts (Βozar) and will be on display from 24 January 2014 to the end April.

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  2. Events at Missions Abroad

    In collaboration with Greek Embassies around the world, the Presidency is also organizing art and photo exhibitions, concerts and recitals of small musical ensembles, film festivals, drama and dance performances, lectures, seminars and symposia, as well as events on the Greek diet and gastronomy.

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  3. Exhibition in Rome

    Αn archaeological and art exhibition is scheduled to take place in Rome, in collaboration with the Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU, which follows Greece’s Presidency. This important event, featuring archaeological masterworks from Greece and Magna Graecia, plus a concurrent exhibition by Greek and Italian artists, will be displayed at the Italian Presidential Mansion (Quirinale), bridging the last two months of the Greek Presidency and the first two months of the Italian Presidency.

  4. Zappeion Hall

    The aesthetic and visual set up of Zappeio Hall was undertaken by designer - Professor at the Athens School of Fine Arts Lily Pezanou and was accomplished in cooperation with other agencies such as the National Gallery, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Benaki Museum etc. In addition, an exhibition entitled "Hellas: Genius Loci", with works by foreign travelers to Greece and original works by contemporary Greek artists, will be hosted at Zappeio Hall, in collaboration with the Hellenic Parliament.

  5. Decorating the Justus Lipsius building

    The decoration of the Atrium and certain reception areas in the Justus Lipsius building of the Council in Brussels - traditionally decorated by the Presidency – was commissioned to award-winning architect-artist Andreas Aggelidakis, who has chosen a theme inspired by the unique engravings (called “xysta”) of Pyrgi, in Chios.

  6. Hellenic Post Presidency Stamps

    Hellenic Post (ELTA) has issued special Presidency stamps, one of which depicts a detail from an unpublished Mycenaean fresco themed on the sea, from the palace of Iklaina in Messinian Pylia (Museum of Pylos), which is presented for the first time at the Nautilus exhibition in Brussels. A detail from a contemporary artwork from the same exhibition has also been selected.