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Tools for disabled people

Keyboard shortcut commands available to disabled users: 
1. Increase/Decrease font size
If you wish to increase/decrease font size use 2 key combinations of "Ctrl" 
and +/ - or alternatively use "Ctrl" and mouse scroll up/down. 
2. Access information regardless of the browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, 
Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari) and the operating system
(Windows, Mac OsX)
You may use the functionalities listed below, by Pressing “Alt” and the 
corresponding key: 
List of the access keys/letters:
• i – back to the main page;
• t – website structure (tree);
• s – search;
• e – switch language (EN)
• g – switch language (GR)
• f – switch language (FR)
• d – switch language (DE)
3. Use the "Tab" key to reach any links in the website’s internal pages